Meyer Supports the Flores-Prieto Family Fund

Denver Fire Claims Insulator

During construction on a new five-story apartment building on March 7, approximately 50 workers were on site when a massive fire started. Witnesses reported hearing two loud explosions and soon flames shot 200 feet in the air and ash rained down for several blocks. Two workers did not make it out of the wood-framed building. One of the men was Roberto Flores-Prieto, 29, left behind his wife of more than nine years, Evette and two children, Isaac 7 and Mikaela 2 years old.

Meyer Donates Vantage-Vac

Soon after the tragedy, Kent Thornbery of Rocky Mountain Insulation Corp. reached out industry-wide and obtained donations for an ongoing auction on Facebook. All funds raised go directly to the Flores-Prieto family. Wm. Meyer & Sons didn’t hesitate when contacted by Thornbery, donating a Vantage-Vac Insulation Removal Vacuum with a retail value of more than $3,500.

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Double-flapgate airlock valve: A solution for tough applications

February 2018 Update: Powder & Bulk Engineering has selected Mike Doorey’s article on Double Flapgate Airlocks for publication in their February newsletter, PBE-news! Re-visiting this article reminds us of Meyer’s 70-plus years of dedication to expertise and knowledge.

April’s 2015 Powder & Bulk Engineering issue has a little more Meyer than usual. Mike Doorey, our Eastern Region Sales Manager and resident expert on Flap Gate Airlocks, was featured in PBE’s article on Double-flapgate airlock valve: A solution for tough applications. Not only is the article accurate, informative and educational, it demonstrates Meyer’s commitment to ensuring we have the best resources and knowledge for any application.

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Rotary Valve Maintenance: Preventing Operating Problems

Preventing operating problems by maintaining your rotary airlock valve

Even though a rotary airlock valve is a relatively simple device, you have to maintain it properly to ensure it performs dependably. Proper maintenance will provide twin long-term dividends: better valve performance and smooth conveying system operation.
First, know your valve inside and out. Maintenance workers should read the manufacturer’s operating manual. This will help them understand the operation of valve components, including the motor, drive chain, speed reducers, and any accessories such a flexible seal strips.

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